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Main Connect News Home-Entrepreneurship Combines Business with Your Life

Home-Entrepreneurship Combines Business with Your Life

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Business courses can help the home-based entrepreneur to turn a hobby into a successful career

Edmonton, BC - August 4, 2010 - The home-based entrepreneur has emerged as a growing trend in business. With Canada's small business sector representing 75% of all businesses, it is estimated that more than half of those businesses are defined as home-based. They are no longer being dismissed as simply hobbies or part-time ventures but instead as having a strong economic impact. Many home-based businesses provide at least half of their owners' household income and sometimes employ more than one in five private-sector workers.

Home Business Opportunities

In fact a new movement of crafters, digital tinkerers, do-it-yourselfers, green advocates and other makers are combining digital technology, social media, community activism, and traditional methods to create and sell innovative products. Home business has the advantage of greater community focus for the owner and market opportunities created by locally-orientated customers.

Business Admin Courses

One thing the home-entrepreneur should not ignore is good business sense. There is power in knowing the business administration side of things including ordering supplies, recordkeeping, bookkeeping, handling sales, and communicating with customers and how to market your business through advertising, promotions, giveaways, blogs, and Facebook updates, not to mention where to turn when you need advice and additional resources.

Home-entrepreneurs can benefit firsthand from business administration programs that upgrade their skills and from the expertise available from graduates of Reeves' School of Business.