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Earn Money Doing Something You Love

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Business administration courses can give you a leg up when launching your home-based business

Calgary, AB - August 12, 2010 - It may surprise some business students to discover that there is a growing movement of entrepreneurs turning their passion for arts and crafts into a well-paid living. Find out how business administration courses at Reeves College can prepare you to launch a career of passion.

From Hobby to Home-Based Business

Sandra Wilson is a perfect example of someone who has found success from a hobby. She found inspiration in her son's tiny feet and started a home-based business making soft-soled leather shoes with colourful designs. Her Robeez shoes were soon in high demand and the company is now recognized world-wide.

On a smaller scale, Rhonda Webster's hobby for whipping up delicious fudge whilst she was studying at college has developed into an annual Christmas sale-a-thon. Her business is called Udge and is run from her parents' home.

Turning Your Passion into A Successful Career

These, and many other hobbyists, show it's perfectly possible to earn by doing something you love. A few steps and you could be on your way too.

  1. Show off your work to friends and family and your local community.

  2. Price it for sale. Learn the value of the market place, promote your product and make sales.

  3. Ask for customer feedback and continue to improve the product and your business process.

  4. When you feel confident enough, open yourself up to a bigger audience. You can utilize the myriad of online stores designed specifically for crafters (Etsy.com, Folksy.com, icraft.ca are three examples).

  5. Finally, as sales flow in, have the resource in place to scale up and meet demand. This may mean hiring staff to assist with production and shipping.

A Business Education

Crafty entrepreneurs share their talents and love creating things for others. It is a passion seen in their work every day.  If this interests you and you want to augment your talents with some business administration skills, turn to Reeves College to help. With the right tools and the right training you are on your way to crafty success and living your passion.

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