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Main Connect News Computer Skills Training for Business Professionals

Computer Skills Training for Business Professionals

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Computer training courses are a great way to brush up on basic computer skills

Calgary, AB - September 22, 2010 - With computers as the primary source of communication in business, business professionals need to have basic computer skills. The basic software programs you need to know include word processing, spreadsheet applications, and email communication.

Computer Skills Courses

Computer skills courses are a great way to introduce yourself to the software and computer basics you need to succeed in the business world. Here are a few areas that computer skills courses will touch on:

Word Processing: A word processing program is something like Microsoft Word or Word Perfect. Word processing software enables you to type correspondence (i.e. letters, memos, reports, etc), create invoices and receipts (sales invoices, service invoices, work orders, sales receipts, sales statements, etc), as well as create graphs and tables for sales presentations and other related projects.   

Data Entry: Learning how to use spreadsheets is crucial to running a business. Microsoft Excel, the most widely used spreadsheet program is used for creating, storing, and manipulating data. It is used for tracking customer information, inventory, as well as recalculating loan and mortgage payments and finding profit and loss values.

Office Skills

Email is the primary means of communication today. It is imperative that business professional have the office skills necessary to draft, send, and receive emails.  Learning how to use a free email service such as gmail.com or yahoo.com or a professional program such as Microsoft Outlook will make running a business much easier as you will be able to communicate with customers, suppliers, vendors, and staff. When drafting and responding to emails, always use proper etiquette. 

Computer Training Classes

Essentially, taking a computer course will teach you how to use both Apple/Macintosh and Windows personal computers and operating systems, how to use the internet as a research tool, as well as how to use word processing applications and spreadsheets for writing, analyzing and presenting information and more importantly, how to communicate via email.

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