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Main Connect News Adaptive Management is a Better Business Tactic

Adaptive Management is a Better Business Tactic

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Students enrolled in business management courses learn several tips and tricks that will help them plot a successful career path. Yet, even the best managers have to be able to alter their plans based on whatever changes the world throws at them. This skill is known as adaptive management.

Adaptive management is the practice of making decisions about how to manage workers and resources based on information that may be uncertain or incomplete. This strategy can be implemented passively, by using models based on existing information to predict future outcomes, or actively, when no previous information is available.

Within these strategies, it is important to anticipate any major changes that may be encountered and organize a secondary course of action, or "plan B," – a sentiment echoed by noted business author, David Kord Murray.

"Because things happen so quickly these days and we can’t accurately predict how the world will unfold, we have to devise plans that are constructed with the idea that they are made to evolve; that they must be fluid, not written in concrete," Kord Murray claims.

Adaptive management is one of the skills that will help professionals succeed on the job. A fundamental education in business management courses at Reeves College can also help you excel in the business world. To begin, fill out the form to your right.