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Main Connect News Employers Seek Passionate Workers, Not a Tailored Resume

Employers Seek Passionate Workers, Not a Tailored Resume

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Today, employers are not looking for a resume that fits the job. They are in search of the people who show passion and prove that they can produce effective results, according to talent management expert Julie Redfield in an interview with the Digital Journal.

Redfield shared a few essential elements that will help professionals stand out to employers, and they do not involve a crisply ironed shirt or a leather-bound portfolio binder. At the top of the list is a thorough self-evaluation. Individuals must fully understand themselves first before discovering and landing the right job. One way to help discover underlying traits about one's self is to find a mentor.

"The important part is that they have knowledge and experience which can help you be more successful, both on a personal and professional level," stated Redfield.

Professionals who see their future in the business world can benefit from fostering a relationship with a successful chief executive officer of a company in an industry that they admire. Building a trusting friendship can allow the aspiring business executive to learn how to work on certain character traits that may be detrimental to his or her success.

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