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Main Connect News Thriving Professionals Learn to Balance Multiple Projects at Once

Thriving Professionals Learn to Balance Multiple Projects at Once

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Assignments, exams, family life and a job that pays the bills are all typical commitments that many students manage on a daily basis. Once they enter their new careers, the skill of juggling tasks only becomes more of a necessity. A jam-packed agenda can cause a lot of stress or lead to burn out during the early stages of a career. Fortunately, professionals can avoid this pattern.

It's important that business professionals understand what behavioral elements help them grow and feel energized. Research has demonstrated that certain components within the office can help create an environment where employees can thrive.

Globe and Mail business columnist Harvey Schachter claims that by letting employees take the reigns on making decisions is one way to create a positive office environment with proactive workers. By providing people with a sense of empowerment, they feel like an asset to the team.

Sometimes it's easy to be overwhelmed by projects and it is common for professionals to feel like the workoad is too much for them to handle. According to Schachter, persistence is crucial. Even if a project seems to be taking too long to complete, a successful employee should manage it from start to finish.

A solid business education will also help professionals succeed on the job. Those looking for a fundamental business education can benefit from the Business Administration Management program at Reeves College. For more information, fill out the form on the right.