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Main Connect News Decode the Mystery of the Unanswered Job Application

Decode the Mystery of the Unanswered Job Application

Friday, April 27, 2012

Many students have experienced no-call, no email rejections after applying for jobs online. While it may seem frustrating, it's important to remember how many people view online job postings and how many candidates actually submit job applications.

Chances are, if an employer did not respond to a student's resume and cover letter, there was a reason behind it. Many companies will post up front that they do not respond to job applicants unless they are short-listed for an interview.

The real issues most often lie within a student's cover letter, resume and job searching tactics. Aspiring business professionals can benefit from having an extra pair of eyes (or several) look over their material before sending it in to a company. If the reviewer has constructive criticism or advice involving minor tweaks, students can apply what they think is helpful.

After making sure the application is in top notch condition, the job hunter can apply for the job. Just like when choosing a college, certain professional roles may be a safe bet, a strong fit or a reach. Students should keep in mind where they stand regarding the position so they can prepare for the potential response, or lack thereof, from the employer.

Students enrolled in Business Administration Management program at Reeves College can start the job search early to prepare for life after graduation. For more information, fill out the form on the right.