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Main Connect News Glassdoor and Mad Jobs Help Students Start Careers

Glassdoor and Mad Jobs Help Students Start Careers

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

During a student's final years in college and after graduation, it becomes imperative to start the search for a job. By connecting with classmates, professors and student advisers, young adults can help strengthen their professional network and potentially hear about opportunities that could be a good fit for them. While making in-person connections, students can also use online job boards to learn of which companies are hiring and for what type of positions. Today, there are thousands of sites that cater to particular industries and professions to help make the job hunt a bit easier for young professionals.

The online job board Glassdoor is useful for students heading into virtually any field, from clerical positions to healthcare and human resources. Its selling point is that it provides an inside look at jobs and companies with employee-generated content, which means that readers will receive more information than a job posting on a more traditional forum. Job hunters can discover anonymous salary figures, company reviews and even catch a sneak peek at interview questions.

Another site that can be helpful to those looking to break into the marketing industry is Mad Jobs. A marketing, advertising and design job board, the UK-based firm has targeted the trends of the new media industry and shared its insight with thousands of job seekers around the world.

Students seeking a future in one of these fields can gain expertise in a program such as Business Administration at Reeves College. To find out more information, fill out the form on the right.