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Main Connect News Find a Business Position at a Company that Promotes Employee Engagement

Find a Business Position at a Company that Promotes Employee Engagement

Friday, September 7, 2012

Engaged and involved employees lead to better corporate/organizational performance, according to a new study conducted by consulting firm Towers Watson. After surveying 32,000 employees, they discovered that companies that scored high in employee engagement also fared better in profit levels, reports the Financial Post. On the reverse side, the business employees who admitted that they were not fully engaged in their work were also frustrated by the level of support they received from their managers, which can ultimately lead to a lack of motivation and lower productivity.

Nearly all employees - 95 percent - who indicated they felt highly engaged also believed that they had the necessary resources to achieve exceptional performance, while only 20 percent of disengaged employees believed this of their workplace.

"When workers are not fully engaged, it leads to increased risk for employers," France Dufresne, the leader of Towers Watson's Talents and Rewards practice, told the news source. "It makes companies more vulnerable to lower productivity and higher inefficiency, greater rates of absenteeism and turnover and increased costs for chronic illness."

By first pursuing an education in their desired field, young adults can get accustomed to feeling engaged in their studies and ultimately gain inspiration for their future careers. Faculty members, fellow classmates and professionals they may meet during their practicum placement can help adults determine which qualities of their potential job are most important to them and prepare them for a career that they are passionate about instead of waking up every morning simply to clock in, punch out and collect a paycheck each week.

Whether aspiring business professionals choose a career in hospitality or administration management, they can use their time in college to research different companies and pursue the ones that could potentially be the best fit for them. Similar to the college application process, finding the right job is about creating a solid fit for both the organization and the potential candidate. Just because an employer admires a recent graduate's credentials does not mean that the position is a definite match for the job seeker.

At a school such as Reeves College, business students can learn which areas they feel most enthusiastic about, whether it is business communications, project management, customer service or marketing. Once they have realized which fields are their strongest suit, they can go into each job interview with a strong sense of who they are and a clear explanation of how they can positively contribute to the company. For more information on Reeves College's business programs, fill out the form on the right.