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Main Connect News Entrepreneurship 101: Tips to Help Reach Startup Success

Entrepreneurship 101: Tips to Help Reach Startup Success

Thursday, September 13, 2012

One major difference exists between a typical professional and a startup entrepreneur: The latter removes the sense of fear from the business equation. Rather than worrying about failing at their attempted business plan, entrepreneurs relish the idea of pursuing a career doing something they love and try their hardest to make a successful living out of it.

Follow in the footsteps of success stories

To combat this fear of failing, young adults can research successful entrepreneurs and the path they took to get where they are today. Nearly 100 percent of the time, successful startup companies get off to a rocky start or even fail to launch altogether through the beginning.

Another way that motivated individuals can continue their drive is by attending leadership seminars that top businesses host throughout the year. The Art of Leadership is one of the major conferences happening in the Ontario region at the Ottawa Convention Centre on September 18, calling upon many of the province's leading executives, authors and innovators to share their ideas and help a new generation of thinkers lead the way for young professionals to come. Providing practical tips and innovative strategies, these experienced professionals can play an important role in helping to transform the current economy into the best model possible.

Reach out to the community

When business students pursue entrepreneurial initiatives, it can benefit them to reach out to the surrounding community. Especially during their inception, startup companies can gain credibility and experience by providing services to those most in need at a low cost or even pro bono. Business professionals who consistently engage with others and spread the word about the type of businesses they are spearheading may ultimately see more success than someone who keeps their goals and business plans to themselves.

Build strong partnerships

One thing that aspiring entrepreneurs should also keep in mind is that sometimes, ideas or partnerships fail and it could be time to reevaluate initiatives or ultimately find new economic drivers to create the most successful brand possible.

In business classes, students may meet peers that they work alongside on projects, presentations or in the workplace as part of their practicum placement. These are the types of connections that new professionals should keep in mind when they are considering asking colleagues for help or support during the beginning phases of their startup companies.

Students who have innovative ideas and the passion to back them up should first enroll in business courses like those in the Business Administration Management program at Reeves College to foster a strong academic foundation for their future careers.

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