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Main Connect News Practicum Experience Can Prepare Students for Business Careers

Practicum Experience Can Prepare Students for Business Careers

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

When adults head back to college, they might have a particular idea in their minds of what their day-to-day routine will be like. They may imagine themselves sitting in business lectures, participating in class discussions and spending hours filling in spreadsheets and crafting PowerPoint presentations. What they may not have pictured is the highly important practicum placement that many colleges require their students to complete before graduation.

A practicum typically lasts a set number of weeks during a program, providing students with an idea of what their future may be once they start their business careers. Typically, students venture on their own to find the right fit for a practicum placement, allowing them to pursue a company that appeals to their passions and skills. If marketing is the type of field a student wishes to enter, they can contact advertising agencies or internet companies and apply to shadow a marketing assistant or associate in one of their offices.

Once they have secured a position, these aspiring professionals will get the chance to see how a real business organization operates. This experience often provides students with a deeper level of understanding of the world than traditional classes can accomplish, and together, this combination of practical experience and course teaching can help students become ready to start applying to their desired jobs.


In addition to taking courses in fields of study such as economics, project management and business communications, students in the Business Administration Management program will get to apply these skills in the workplace. This approach can be extremely beneficial when learning about how to effectively communicate with colleagues, as the only way to successfully do so is to get out and interact with others. Whether professionals are sending emails, making phone calls or sitting in on meetings, a certain style of communication fits each scenario best. Students can learn about the best email tactics, and how to relay messages without seeming too cold or insensitive, as messages in text can be easily misinterpreted.

One of the advantages of completing a practicum is the number of valuable connections students will have by the end of the placement. From supervisors and executives to associates and administrative staff, practicum students should interact with all levels of the company not only to get a good feel for the industry, but also to leave a lasting impression with the entire organization.

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