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Main Connect News Read Up on Business Trends This Holiday Season

Read Up on Business Trends This Holiday Season

Monday, December 24, 2012

Every year, a new collection of literature comes out to reveal the latest discoveries, trends and themes of the business sector. Top leaders in a variety of industries publish memoirs, essays and interviews that showcase just how important ethics, innovation and constant communication are to success, and young students get the benefit of learning from them.

If students are trying to find the right holiday gift for peers in their business classes or are looking to add a smart book to their own wish lists, here are a number of the best books to come out of business literature this year.

'How to be Exceptional'
In this publication, four consultants offer their own advice on how to focus on your strengths rather than weaknesses, but also knowing when improving a particularly serious flaw is necessary. They discuss how important it is to realize that a particular weakness may not grow to become a person's greatest strength, but by listening to others' criticisms and opinions, they can continue to develop each quality and make it the best it can possibly be.

Humility, results-driven thinking and effective communication are just a few of the strengths that these consultants discuss in their text.

'The Four Disciplines of Execution'
Consultants from FranklinCovey got together to craft this book that talks about the process of managing behavioural changes in staff. They stress the importance of working as a team and sharing the pitfalls and setbacks that each employee faces every week. One way that they advise organizations achieve this even flow of communication is through required, uncancellable weekly meetings.

'So Good They Can't Ignore You'
In his recent book, Cal Newport, a blogger and assistant university professor, talks about the idea of following a particular passion and challenges those who might think this concept is too lofty for the real world. One of the biggest points he makes is the importance of becoming a craftsman in your given field.

"There's something liberating about the craftsman mindset," Newport states in his book, as quoted by The Globe and Mail. "It asks you to leave behind self-centred concerns about whether your job is 'just right,' and instead put your head down and plug away at getting really damn good."

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