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Show Recruiters Why They Should Hire You

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

When students are applying for jobs, ultimately, their goal is to sell their single most important product - themselves. To some students, this might sound like a breeze - they have always felt comfortable showcasing their skills, winning others over with their personality and impressing recruiters with innovative concepts. For others, however, they might squirm at just the thought of having to humbly brag about their skills to employers. Students have to face their fears and get accustomed to the idea that they are worth a company's investment, and start by showing them why.

Cool and Confident
The key to reeling in an audience is confidence. Those who are proud of their own accomplishments can exude excitement naturally because their achievements are something they enjoy talking about with others. For some, the more difficult part is maintaining composure and not going overboard with their enthusiasm. While recruiters appreciate a passionate job applicant, they might be put off by an eager demeanor that is slightly overbearing. Job candidates have to find a happy medium between calm and collected and excitedly passionate. The best way for students to work on this is to practice a one-minute proposal in front of friends or even a mirror, to ensure that they are finding a balance.

Successful Case Arguments
No matter what it is a person is selling, audience members want to know how their lives will be easier by buying into the service in question. Will it save them time? By hiring a skilled business student, employers may not have to devote their own work days to smaller tasks. Can students save them money? This is a crucial factor. A company's bottom line is at the top of its priority list, so if students can demonstrate concrete ways that they can increase revenue or cut costs, they may have secured a position.

Okay...So What?
At the end of a job interview, applicants want the recruiters to leave the meeting thinking, "Reason X and Y is why we need this employee." Students have to pinpoint exactly which qualities make them a necessary asset to the overall company dynamic, and ultimately entice recruiters to offer them a job on the spot. While this rarely happens, candidates may have a fairly strong idea of where they stand by the time they leave the office building. Still, to remind hiring managers of their interest, candidates should send a follow-up email shortly after the interview, thanking them for setting up the meeting and including any final, brief notes that they may have forgotten to mention.

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