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Main Connect News Practice Being a Leader in Any Professional Role

Practice Being a Leader in Any Professional Role

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

You don't have to be a manager or a supervisor to be a leader on the job. Even as a business administrative assistant, you can still develop leadership qualities that show you're a reliable and strong worker that other employees can trust to get the job done. What you should remember is that being genuine is the key to succeeding in any field.

Make Honest Connections
Some professionals think that it's more important to be the leader that others perceive as best, whether that's being tough, authoritative or serious. What workers really want are genuine connections and relationships with as many coworkers as possible. Your nine-to-five job requires you to see your colleagues generally more than your family members, so why not make it enjoyable for everyone?

See the Big Picture
No matter what your role in a company, you're not always going to be right. You should actually feel grateful when you're surrounded by a number of intelligent opinions that can productively contribute to a work conversation, because it helps guarantee success for the overall business. You never know when the next great idea may come along, so make sure you're listening and paying attention when your colleagues are discussing what projects to start next.

Confidence is Key
Don't worry about whether or not people like you. Sure, you don't want to make enemies in your office, but if you're not projecting confidence, they might not respect you in a professional atmosphere. Make sure that you're comfortable with yourself, and you'll notice others will gravitate toward you.

Stick to Your Beliefs
Starting out at a new company requires some adjusting and adapting, but that doesn't mean you have to change who you are. If you're uncertain about a stance that your team is making, speak up. While you might not be able to make major changes at first, your supervisors and coworkers will admire your confidence and your commitment to your own professional and ethical values.

Devote Time
You can't be come an accomplished professional in a day - it takes time, research and a great deal of effort. Taking classes in your field is one positive way of honing your skills. You can enroll in business courses at Reeves College and develop skills that will help you find a job in the area. For more information, fill out the form on the right.