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End of Year Highlight

Monday, December 21, 2020

Twenty-twenty has been a historical and wild year full of its ups and downs. We've put together a list of memorable highlights to reflect on from the year.


At the beginning of the year, in January 2020, our Reeves College staff and students gave back to the community by donating over 1,200 items to local food banks. Read more about how our entire community came together to launch a friendly food drive competition across our campus locations here.


In February, we held mental health workshops at the Edmonton and Lloydminster campuses. Our campuses hosted hands-on workshops and demonstrations to show both current and prospective students the learning experience offered at Reeves. You can learn more about this event here.


Back in March, we held a charity fundraiser for Pink Shirt Day and raised over $600. Five of our campus locations, participated in sharing kindness and compassion to friends, colleagues, and classmates in recognition of Pink Shirt Day. Read more about Pink Shirt Day here.

In May, we opened the Edmonton South campus for registration. Located right in the heart of Alberta's capital city,. This campus offers training in programs such as Event Specialist, Business and Digital Marketing Management, Child and Youth Services and Social Media and Web Marketing. You can read more about this campus opening here.


In September, we hosted our first virtual open house. The virtual open house shared knowledge on our career training programs, student services offerings, and financial aid options. Read more about this past event here.


Also in September, our Calgary City Centre campus re-opened with a colourful and vibrant community mural. Referred to as the “Wellness Project,” 30 canvases were used to create a large mural with a heart-warming message to encourage the community. Read the full blog post here.


In early October, we held our Virtual Logistics and Supply Chain Info Session to give insight into the industry in Alberta. Special guest speaker Jerry Hana, President and CEO of Clearflow Group Inc., led a live virtual discussion. Supply chain management is one of Canada's largest employers, hiring close to a million people across the country, and still continues to offer thousands of opportunities. You can read more about this event here.


Also in fall, we ran a Thanksgiving Contest on our social media channels. Students wrote thank you notes to their instructors and other people that have made a positive impact on their lives and education. You can read the testimonials we received from this full blog post here.


In November, we opened our newest campus at the Calgary South. The new campus offers various programs, such as Hospitality Business Management, Education Assistant, Child and Youth Services Worker and Accounting Payroll and Administration. Read the full blog post here.


That's our year in a wrap, and we look forward to creating more memories in 2021!