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Main Connect News What Should You Be Studying? Industries that are Hiring During COVID-19

What Should You Be Studying? Industries that are Hiring During COVID-19

Monday, May 25, 2020

As of now, many industries are facing reduced hours and employee layoffs, with our current economic climate. However, according to the Government of Alberta and other industry resources, there are many sectors that are still growing and currently seeking applications for new workers.


We’ve provided an in-depth summary of where you should focus your skills, if you’re planning on heading back to school in the near future.


Healthcare Providers

In addition to doctors and registered nurses, our communities are in dire need of more healthcare professionals to work on the frontline. According to the Government of Alberta (2020), non-essential surgeries that require a hospital stay are now available to the public, which means that more medical receptionists and medical office assistants are required to book appointments.


Reeves College’s Medical Office Administration program will train you to work in a fast-paced, medical environment, assisting doctors and other medical professionals in their day-to-day tasks. Learn how to assess patient requests, schedule appointments and manage billing software, answer phone calls and inquiries, and much more. Before you graduate, you will complete a hands-on practicum placement in a real-world medical setting.


Supply Chain Management

In addition to medical and essential workers, there is a need for non-clinical workers. As the manufacturing and distribution of essential products such as sanitizers, masks, and gloves are at an all-time high, Reeves College’s Logistics and Supply Chain Management program will prepare you for a career in inventory management and control, demand planning, warehouse operations, and more. Get hands-on training in packaging and materials handling, freight forwarding and contract management, among many other subjects, and complete a 16-week practicum before you graduate.


Customer Service & Sales

As many organizations are moving their operations to online, there is a need for customer service representatives who have soft skills in customer service or service-oriented backgrounds. Many businesses are looking to increase their customer support as platforms are receiving an abundance requests, such as online grocery shopping and delivery services.


Reeves College’s Business and Digital Marketing Management program will train you in effective business writing, business essentials, social media and digital marketing fundamentals, and more. As a graduate of this program, you will be prepared for a variety of career options, including entry-level marketing and sales, or customer service.


Whichever career path you decide, get to where you want to go with our hands-on, accelerated program options. Fill in the REQUEST INFO form to learn more.